An infographic from Crypto Coins shows how easy it is to get to places you’d never thought of by using public transport.

The infographic is a part of the Crypto Fundamentals series, which aims to explain how people get around using public transportation.

“The average American spends $8,000 per year to get by in their home country,” the infographic reads.

“But the average American would never think of using public transit.”

What it means for youAs well as explaining how to use public transportation, the infographic also explains how to get from one place to another using public space.

“What happens if you’re driving through a big city?” it asks.

“You’ll need to park in a spot you don’t have permission to use.

What happens if someone parks in the middle of the road?”

The infographic also includes a map that shows the number of people in a certain area, and a list of places with a high density of people.

“There are people living in the most densely populated areas, but that’s also where the most people are, which is a good thing because the dense areas make it harder for congestion to get worse,” it reads.

The full infographic is available to view here: