The British Airways airline has revealed that its flights to destinations in the Middle East and Africa are the most popular among passengers on its routes.

The airline’s website showed that its British Airways Europe business flights to London from Birmingham and Manchester were the most frequent, followed by flights from Gatwick and Gatwick Airport.

In fact, British Airways also posted that its UK business flights are now the most booked with the exception of the long-haul flights to Dubai, which are often cancelled.

British Airways said that the business flights had a booking average of 11,000 passengers and the average length of stay in the cabin was 20 hours.

The airline’s new European business business flights also include stops in Budapest, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Brussels.

In its first quarter results, British Aeroplane Services said that business flights booked between September 30 and October 1 in the United Kingdom accounted for over 55% of its revenue.

Airlines and travel companies can see how much money their passengers are spending on flights on the British Airways website.

The website also provides statistics on how many hours of travel a British Airways flight takes, how many people are travelling on it and how much time passengers spend in the flight.

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