The Indian Rail Corporation has said it will buy up to 15 new locomotive and rail car parts from its parent company Hindustan Heavy Industries Ltd (HII).

The announcement was made on Tuesday by the railway chair, Jitendra Singh, in a meeting with the state government.

It comes as Hindustani Railways is seeking to diversify away from diesel trains as part of its plans to expand and diversify its fleet.

HII owns two of the world’s largest diesel locomotivets, the Kudankulam and Kolkata.

The new locomots will be equipped with modern technology, and be able to operate at speeds of up to 300kmph (186mph).

“These locomotive parts will be used in the construction of new locomOTVs (over-the-road) trains for the Indian Rail Corp,” Singh said in a statement.

The rail company has also purchased up to 10 new locomotor and rail parts from Hindustans Hindustania Ltd.

The move comes after the state announced that it would buy up all of its diesel locomotive parts by November, which was earlier planned for next year.

The Indian Railway Corporation said it would purchase the locomotiving parts from HII in the next financial year, and sell the rest in a bid to diversified its fleet in a cost-effective manner. 

HII, which is India’s largest public transport operator, has a fleet of more than 50,000 rail cars.

The company has faced criticism for its diesel trains that can go up to 30kmph, and for not being able to deliver more than 20% of its trains to passengers on time. 

“This is a very big deal for us,” said Praveen Kumar, the president of HII.

“The purchase of locomotivation parts is part of our vision to diversifying our fleet, while at the same time diversifying freight and passenger transport.

This will be a great help to us to reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce the amount of CO2 produced.”

India’s first locomotive purchase was made in 2012.

India is currently on track to become the world first country to use zero emission diesel trains. 

Singh said the purchase of the locomotive would help increase the railway’s capacity.

“This is the first step towards achieving our long-term ambition of becoming a true multi-modal railway,” Singh added. 

The Indian Rail Board (IRB) said it was the first time it had acquired locomotive or rail car components from an outside company.

The railway board is also in talks with Hindustas Hindustanian Ltd to sell its locomotive shares.