Posted May 03, 2019 06:38:49A new campaign is being launched by the US Department of Transportation to help doctors get the most out of their commute and the new mobile medical transport service from MediPass. 

The initiative is a joint effort between the DOT and the American Medical Association. 

As part of the campaign, a campaign team of doctors will be able to answer questions and share their experiences with drivers on their ride. 

This new campaign was launched by DOT in the hopes that people will be more open to the idea of getting medical care on their commute. 

“If we can do this, we’re not just making an app, we are making a campaign,” said Mike Bresnahan, senior VP of government affairs for the American Academy of Neurology. 

Currently, the DOT has a website to help patients navigate the process of getting their medical appointments and appointments are available on the MediPASS app, but they have yet to release a complete map of the entire country. 

In an effort to provide a more holistic experience, the department is also partnering with local taxi companies to provide transportation and take care of the patients. 

DOT hopes the campaign will help doctors who are already in the habit of taking time off to work on their jobs. 

One of the key benefits of the initiative is that it will allow doctors to better prepare themselves for the day they get to see patients. 

 “As we’re going through this transition of a workforce that is more and more digital, doctors have to be able now to get to the doctor’s office, get their appointments done, take care in the office, have an appointment and have a patient wait for them,” said DOT spokesperson Emily Leong. 

A pilot program of the program is underway in Washington D.C., Washington, D.CE, California and Massachusetts, and the department has already started accepting applications for new drivers. 

If you or anyone you know needs help getting to the office on time, the new campaign can help with that too. 

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