By 2020, a car transport company can expect to be charging about £150-200 per mile to transport goods and people between its warehouses.

This is lower than a few years ago when a transport company might charge £250 per mile or more, but still a lot less than the £350-400 per mile it charges today.

But what does this really mean?

Let’s explore the cost of transporting goods and moving people, starting with the basics: what is a transport service?

Transport services are defined as “the transfer or conveyance of goods or persons, or the transport of a specified quantity of goods, by means of a fixed or movable conveyance” in the Transporting Goods Regulations 2015.

This defines a transport vehicle as any “movable or moviable conveyance, or a vehicle, that carries a vehicle”.

Transporting goods and services is defined as the “use of a motor vehicle, vehicle or conveyances to move or transport, in whole or in part, goods, persons or property.”

This definition includes “the use of a vehicle or vehicle combination for transporting goods or services, and the use of other means for moving or transporting such goods or other services.”

In short, transport is the transportation of goods and persons.

Transporting services can be different to transport, which is what we’ll look at in a moment.

Transport is different from transport in that transport is “the conveyance or transport of goods” and transport is only required if there is a fixed supply.

Transport and transport are both required to be in one place at one time.

Transport requires a fixed delivery for goods or a fixed amount of time for the goods or time, which can be a fixed quantity of time or a time period.

Transport can be used to transport people or goods, or goods can be moved between people or between different people or places.

Transport also requires a supply of goods (either goods or transport) to move the goods to or from the transport destination.

Transport services can include: “moving goods or vehicles between two or more places at the same time” and “moving a specified number of goods in a specified manner or for a specified period of time”.

Transport services include, but are not limited to: moving goods and vehicles between one place and another place