Breitbart News has learned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to install security protocols to protect all federal buildings.

This announcement follows DHS Chief of Staff Katie McHugh’s recent testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on Friday.

In her testimony, McHugh indicated that DHS was working to “enhance” security measures within federal buildings, as well as those within the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

The DHS spokesperson stated, “The department has been working closely with federal, state, and local governments to strengthen security measures to protect our nation’s infrastructure, buildings, and public spaces.”

The spokesperson noted that DHS had begun to implement “new security protocols” in recent weeks, which included the installation of “security cameras, biometric technology, and other sensors to better detect the presence of malicious actors and intruders within our facilities.”

In her hearing, McHough indicated that this security measures were part of the Department’s “wide and continuous work to make our nation more secure.”

However, the spokesperson did not provide further details.

In addition to DHS, the White House has also taken steps to enhance security in its buildings.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Homeland Security, or the NCC, recently created a new “National Infrastructure Security Coordination Center” to coordinate with federal agencies to develop and implement “national security security plans” and to develop “security protocols” to protect the country’s “public safety and security.”

The new office is also tasked with “coordinating and coordinating” with federal and state agencies and the private sector to develop an “emergency plan for homeland security.”

Following the recent House Judiciary hearing, the DHS spokesperson also noted that the White Houses Homeland Security and Public Safety Office would work “with state, local, and private sector partners” to implement the same “security protocol” in its “partner facilities.”

The DHS also announced a “National Homeland Security Operations Center” will be created to “coordinate and coordinate DHS’s operations to support the security of federal facilities.”

“The DHS is committed to implementing national security protocols in all of its facilities, including federal buildings,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson continued, “This includes the construction of a ‘critical infrastructure’ layer security system and the establishment of a National Infrastructure Security Coordinator.”

“Our agencies and their contractors are working to implement all security protocols we have agreed to in order that we can ensure our country remains secure,” the DHS official continued.

“This is a necessary step for DHS to ensure that the security and welfare of all Americans are protected, and we will work with our government partners to ensure this is accomplished safely and effectively.”

In an interview with the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Friday, Secretary of Homeland Sec.

Jeh Johnson said that the agency was “committed to doing whatever it takes to protect public safety and the security or welfare of our people.”

“We’re doing everything we can to protect those in our country, including building a system that is both secure and efficient,” Johnson said.

“We are also working with our contractors to implement additional security protocols, including installing cameras and biometric technologies in every federal building.

We’re also partnering with private industry to ensure the security measures are efficient and safe.”

The Department of Justice, which operates many federal buildings and is the primary security provider for them, also announced plans to deploy a “security system” to its facilities.

The DOJ spokesperson stated that the DOJ was “looking at all the security protocols that can be implemented in the facilities to make sure that we’re prepared to respond to the needs of our communities and the need for the protection of our nation.”

“As a federal agency, the Department works with state, regional, and municipal governments, as appropriate, to ensure all of their local law enforcement and other agencies are well trained and prepared for a wide range of emergencies and threats,” the DOJ spokesperson added in a statement.

We are also collaborating with state and local partners to implement security measures, including cameras, sensor technology, biometrics, and security controls.” “

Additionally, we have a dedicated security team working to develop security plans for our agencies, including implementing a “critical infrastructure” layer security protocol.

We are also collaborating with state and local partners to implement security measures, including cameras, sensor technology, biometrics, and security controls.”

The DOJ also announced that it will be “conducting a comprehensive review of the security plans and protocols used by all federal agencies” to ensure they “meet or exceed applicable Federal regulations.”

Johnson added that the department “has identified more than $400 million worth of investments that will help us better meet the security needs of all of our facilities and to ensure we are prepared to protect you and your loved ones.”

The department is also developing “security plans” to “improve the security, efficiency, and resilience of our agency and to help ensure that you and all your