A new Uber-like app has been unveiled by the company, which claims to allow users to use a smartphone to take rides in “the world’s most affordable, convenient and secure way”.

The app, called Pride Transport, is currently in beta.

Uber, which said it is working with Uber’s chief executive officer Travis Kalanick, said the app was a “world first” and will be available to users in the coming weeks.

Uber is the world’s biggest taxi operator, but has faced criticism from drivers who have said the company’s pricing and service practices are hurting the industry.

Uber says it will make the app available to US users in late 2019.

The company said it would let users choose which ride they want to take, and they would get a confirmation email that said they could now get on the next ride.

“We’re committed to delivering a world-class ride experience to drivers across the country, and we’re excited to bring Pride Transport to more drivers than ever before,” Kalanack said.

Uber added it was testing the app on “customers from the US, UK, Australia and China”.

The ride-hailing company said drivers would receive notifications when their ride was ready.

“As soon as the ride is ready, we will send the rider a confirmation notification with the ride’s status, route and payment details,” it said.

“Once the rider accepts the ride, the driver will get an immediate notification on their smartphone, letting them know their ride has been approved.”

Pride Transport said it was the first ride-sharing app to let users pay for rides in real time, instead of in a traditional way.

Uber said the feature would also allow drivers to take photos of their vehicles, and could be used by businesses to track demand for cars.

It added the service would be “faster, more reliable and more secure than current ridesharing apps”.

Uber drivers were also offered a discount of $1.25 per mile, or 1 per cent, for their trips, compared to the current $2.95 rate.

The Uber-Like App has no fixed price, Uber said.

A spokeswoman for Uber said it had been testing the service for a few weeks.

“Today, we are testing Pride Transport for more than 250,000 Uber drivers across US, US territories and Canadian territories,” she said.

Drivers have been asking Uber to introduce a service that allows them to pay for their rides in cash.

Uber has said it will use the cashless option to ensure its rides are “as affordable, as secure and as safe as possible”.

Uber said drivers will not have to use cash or credit cards to pay.

The spokeswoman added that Pride Transport was “working on more rides for Uber drivers, including for new features” to be released.

Uber’s Chief Operating Officer, Emil Michael, told Reuters that the app had been a “great idea” but added that it had “been built from the ground up with a very specific focus on making sure it was 100 per cent free and fair”.

Uber has been criticised for charging drivers an average of $5,000 a year for rides.