By the time of the election, Americans will be sickened by a pandemic that’s spreading in unprecedented numbers.

A new report from the nonprofit Climate Central and the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that more than 1.2 million Americans will become sick, many of them with respiratory illnesses, and millions more will contract the coronavirus.

This will impact everyone, including the people who work and serve us.

The report also warns that as the pandemic gets worse, more Americans will likely be at risk for serious illness or death.

The new data comes as the Trump administration has launched a war on the press, attacking the coverage of the deadly pandemic.

President Trump has said that reporters are working against the president, and the president’s former press secretary, Anthony Scaramucci, recently called on reporters to “go home and get some sleep.”

In fact, the Trump Administration is actively seeking to prevent media from reporting on the coronas pandemic, and has ordered the federal government to block access to the internet.

Climate Central is taking a more measured approach, focusing on how the federal and state governments are handling COVID.

While there are some states that have declared a state of emergency, Climate Central’s analysis suggests that most states have been operating with a relatively light touch.

The study says that the federal response to COVID was far too slow and that the state governments’ response was far less effective.

It found that in most states, the CDC did not have an emergency coordinator or an emergency response team, let alone a state director of coronaviruses.

For the most part, state response efforts focused on the public health response and the coordination of coronas coronaviral spread, with little effort to coordinate the CDC’s response to a pandemics coronavide.

The federal government also has a far less active role than it has for coronavides other diseases, and climate change is likely to worsen the situation, Climate Chief Policy Analyst Scott Aaronson told The American Council on Science and Health.

“The federal government will be a key player in determining the response to the coronaval epidemic,” he said.