Transportation officials in San Diego and Santa Barbara, California, are trying to determine whether the new wave of school bus cars will be safe for children to ride.

The California Department of Transportation said Wednesday that the safety of the buses is a top priority.

In fact, it says it has taken the unusual step of setting up a new safety program for the cars that will have the ability to automatically identify and deactivate children in the backseat, if the driver detects them.

In an email, the department said it has asked a consultant to develop an automated driver system that will automatically identify a child in a school bus, and then deactivate them if they are not present.

The department said the cars have been tested by state officials and that it has received no reports of injuries or deaths.

The Santa Barbara school district says the buses are being installed by a local manufacturer, and that safety testing is underway.

The agency said that when a school is equipped with the cars, it has had zero injuries, and has not reported any injuries.

School bus drivers are required to wear a seat belt, and the department is urging parents to ensure their children are wearing one.