The Vip Transit is a new way to transport tourists to and from the city.

It is currently in development by a startup called Vip and is the first fully automated transit service in the U.S.

It uses smart technology to help drivers find their way around the city in a way that is far more efficient than a traditional car.

The company is hoping to be the first to bring this technology to the U, and the Viphans plan to bring it to other countries as well.

Here are some tips for using the Vips new system.1.

Know the rules1.

If you’re not a member of a union, you’ll be fine.

The Viphas company says the only way to legally drive on the VIP is if you have a union card.

But if you don’t have a card, you can’t even drive on a public street or in a public parking lot.2.

Be prepared to be rude and annoying.

The rides will not be all that comfortable.

There will be no handshakes, no compliments, no hand signals, no smiles, no laughter, no hugs.

Instead, you will be greeted with rude, but not offensive, stares.

And if you are in the mood to get a little friendly, you might have to ask politely, but you won’t have to.3.

Pay attention to the clock.

The driver will not know exactly when you are supposed to arrive and when you have to leave.

That means if you go to a mall, and they know you’ll arrive at the mall in about 20 minutes, you won´t be able to take the Vipla to the hotel and go home.

Instead they will let you stay and wait for you in the lobby.4.

Pay for everything.

If there are any parking spaces at the Volls, they will charge you for those spaces.

If the bus arrives at your location with a full bus load, you are still expected to pay for that bus, which means it may take several minutes for you to get your ride.

You can find a list of Vip locations at this link.5.

Don’t forget your wallet.

The taxi drivers will not ask you to show your ID, so make sure you have your wallet with you.

When you take the cab, it will be at your own risk.

You may have to pay the driver for any damage.6.

Know when to leaveThe Vip is meant to be a two-way system, meaning you must be in a group to get on and off.

There is no such thing as a private trip.

But when you go on a Vip, the driver will give you a code for you.

If he/she gets it right, you don´t have to worry about getting picked up by a police officer.

The code can also be texted to the driver when you arrive at your destination.

The drivers are supposed do that as soon as you arrive.

You will be picked up and dropped off at your designated stop by your own car.

But you may have a little trouble getting on a taxi, since it is not possible to hail a cab there.

You could have a cab pick you up on the way.

And the drivers are not allowed to use a cellphone while on the bus.7.

Know how long the trip will last7.

Take time to plan.

Before you leave, you should read all the rules of the Vopet service.

And you should have a plan to make sure everything is ok when you return.

You might need to take a nap.8.

Don´t drive drunk.

If a cab driver is drunk, the cab won´ t pick you.

Drivers must get a code from you for the cab to pick you back up.

And even if the cab driver drinks, it doesn´t mean he is impaired.

Drivers are not supposed to drink while driving, and Vip drivers must follow all traffic rules.

The only thing that is illegal is driving while your eyes are open, and it means drivers are required to wear a face mask.

The mask helps prevent eye strain, but it does not protect you from getting hurt while driving.

You must also wear a helmet when you drive, as well as eye protection and ear protection.9.

If your driver is an asshole, be careful.

If one of the drivers is an asshat, it is going to be very hard to take them seriously.

If they are a jerk, the drivers may take you out on a date, but they are not obligated to have sex.

Drivers are allowed to make sex jokes, but only with your consent.10.

Get a taxiIf you have no one to take you to the airport or the mall, you have another option.

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has partnered with Uber to offer a private, driver-less taxi service called Viphars.

There are no cab drivers