Transportation companies like Bison, which owns the Bison Transportation Co. and the Bisons, have recently been looking for ways to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, as a growing number of Americans have moved to a greener lifestyle.

Bison has acquired Bison Trucking, Inc., an Iowa-based trucking company that specializes in transporting Bison to the Dakotas.

Bisons new ownership of the company, which operates a fleet of pickup trucks, will allow the company to focus on a cleaner future.

The move comes after the company was in talks with multiple transportation companies for years about acquiring other companies, but ultimately settled on Bison after a year-long search, according to a company statement. 

“We believe Bison will continue to be a key part of our transportation future,” said Paul Henningsen, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer. 

Bison Truck Transport is one of several trucking companies that have recently announced investments in electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly vehicles. 

Earlier this month, Bison announced plans to spend $50 million to invest in a fleet that will move 100,000 vehicles per day, up from its current capacity of about 300,000. 

At the same time, Bisons investments in renewable energy are growing, with the company signing a deal to build a solar plant and a battery storage facility at its Ames facility. 

In addition to electric trucks, the Biesen is also working on a new fleet of buses that will be used by local law enforcement to move heavy equipment around the state, including the Iowa State Patrol. 

 “Our focus has been on building a long-term sustainable, reliable, and sustainable future for our company,” said Bison spokesman Chris McNeil.

“This acquisition will allow us to move into a cleaner, greener future and continue to grow our company, while ensuring our employees and customers continue to have access to our service.” 

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