The story of the ‘trashed ship’ which was rescued off Western Australia’s south-east coast is a fascinating story that’s been covered by ABC News and other media outlets for decades.

But, in the wake of a tragic collision with a motorcyclist in 2011, the story became a national issue.

Now, the mystery of the wreck is back in the spotlight after an appeal to the public led to the rescue of the vessel.

The wreck is in a remote area of the Great Ocean Road near Kurnell, about 45 kilometres east of Perth.

The vehicle involved in the collision was a Toyota Corolla.

When the Corolla collided with the motorbike, the car’s engine was destroyed, and the motorcycle’s tyres and front end were punctured.

At first, the motorcyclists’ bikes were towed away.

But the motorcycle’s owner contacted the police and they sent a team to the site.

They found the wrecked vehicle in a patch of brush about 20 kilometres from the motorway.

In a video obtained by ABC Rural, the crew of the motorboat can be seen using a rope to haul the motorcycling vessel into the water.

Police from the Western Australian coast station said they had no idea what had happened to the car and were awaiting an urgent report from the coroner.

But they also said the driver of the car, who had been driving a second vehicle, had no previous convictions and had been in and out of jail since 2012.

“He’s just a normal, average guy,” Inspector Andrew Jones told ABC Rural.

Investigators said the motor vehicle was damaged beyond repair and that the motorcycle had sustained extensive damage.

A spokesperson for the Western Australia police said it was “likely” the motorist would be charged with dangerous driving causing death.

As the media attention has turned to the wreck, a man who survived the accident has released a statement.

I was very lucky.

It was very stressful at first, I thought I was going to die, it was very scary, but I’ve learnt my lesson now, I’m very thankful, Inspector Andrew from the police station in Kurnells said.

On Wednesday, the coroner is due to deliver his report.

For more information: The driver of a Toyota Land Cruiser was also in custody.

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