The gunman who opened fire on police in Dallas during the first week of May, killing five officers, was also known to the department as a “black cop.”

But the description has been disputed by the officer’s attorney, who told NBC News on Thursday that the description was wrong.

The description was false.

This is a story that we’ve been working on for years, I think for the last eight years.

And this is not just an allegation.

This is a fact.

On Thursday, Officer Michael Cammock of the Dallas Police Department told NBC’s “Today” show that he had not known the suspect and did not know of any history of violence against officers.

“I was just out patrolling in the street, and I had a conversation with a young man who was standing near me,” Cammocks account reads.

“He said he was from a street gang and he was trying to rob a man and was threatening to kill me.

I told him, ‘Hey, get down.

I’m not sure if he was down or not. “

And he got down.

I’m not sure if he was down or not.

But I did have a conversation where he told me to get my hands up.

He got his hands up.”

Officer Cammons account, which was first reported by the Dallas Morning News, also said that Cammococks gun went off during a traffic stop in front of his car, that he and the other officers were forced to fire at the suspect, and that he did not see the gunman.

The suspect fled on foot after being shot by police.

After the shooting, Cammocker told NBC that he tried to call for backup from other officers, but was denied, the Morning News reported.

“The officer was trying and saying to the guy that he was getting his hands on the gun, and the guy just kept walking,” Campillock said.

“I had no idea that he wanted to go out and kill me.”

Cammock was responding to a 911 call about a person walking in a neighborhood near his patrol vehicle, where he said he could see the suspect.

Cammocks statement to NBC News: He went to a house across the street.

He saw the guy and said, ‘Get down.

Get down.’

And he was on the ground, and he ran across the road, and his foot went off.

Officers fired at the man who fled on his foot, striking him in the leg.

He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

When the shooting occurred, officers saw the man in a vehicle and stopped him, according to the Morning Report.

Officers saw him again later, and fired a Taser at him, but he fled on another foot, leaving a trail of blood.

Cammallock said officers were told by another officer that he heard the shots, and ran back to his patrol car.

According to the officer, the man was still walking when they arrived.

The officers asked him to get into the patrol car and the man put his hands in the air and started running toward them.

The officer fired a single round, striking the man, who was then taken to the hospital.

Campellock said he did have the gun when he opened fire, but did not recognize the gunman, nor the suspect who was later arrested.

The officer’s statement to Today: When he heard shots, he was able to see the guy, and it’s not clear what kind of a gun that is.

And I had no intention of shooting him.

He had a long history of running.

I had the gun and he did.

It was a case of what I was doing.

The guy just ran.

And then I fired a second round and hit him in his leg.

But he was still running.

A police statement from Thursday afternoon, which also included the officer statement, said that “Cammocock stated that he immediately heard shots.

He said he immediately ran toward the police car and saw the suspect running away on foot.”

Cammochock, who is white, said he saw the gunman about 20 times in the span of about 30 minutes.

He said that when he arrived, he saw him run down the street and was surprised to see a police car with an officer inside.

“So I said, you know, ‘What are you doing out here?’

And he said, I’m just out there for a couple of minutes.

I said ‘Why are you out here?

Why are you running?’

He said, because I’m a cop, I know you’re out there, I don’t know what’s going on.”

Campillocks statement, to Today, also read: At that point, the officer saw the person running toward him.

I didn’t see him until the next day when he was arrested.

In the morning after the shooting and following the officer statements to