The Queensland Government has announced a plan to open the next three stations in the Sydney CBD by 2018.

The Government has also announced a scheme to bring trains to stations in suburban Sydney and the North West by 2023.

Key points:The Government is looking to open up stations in Sydney and inner Melbourne by 2026, but the rest of the state will be waiting until 2021 for trains The scheme will include more than 300 stations in NSW, with the rest being in VictoriaThe plan will also see more than 350 train stations built in Victoria, with most built in the state’s inner Melbourne suburbs.

The Government will also open up the Brisbane and Sydney stations in 2021.

Queensland Transport Minister David Elliott said the Government was aiming to open all the new stations by 2027, but said more stations were needed in the region.

“We need to open new stations,” Mr Elliott said.

“We know the Queensland Government is committed to delivering a regional train network that is the envy of the world.”

Mr Elliott said while the Government would build a network to serve Sydney and other large cities, more stations would be needed in Queensland.

“The new line will open up a new chapter in Queensland’s rail network,” he said.

“If we can’t build more stations in Queensland, we will close the line in 2022.”

Mr Elliot said the new line would also open a new era for Queensland Rail.

He said the State Government was committed to investing in the project.