By now you’re probably familiar with the fact that the average cost of a vehicle in the United States is more than $20,000.

But where does the actual price of a car come from?

And is it really worth it?

For the purposes of this piece, I’m going to be looking at the costs of a 2015 Toyota Camry sedan.

This is a Honda Civic hatchback that’s also a bit smaller than the Camry and offers a range of options.

As the price of an American vehicle goes up, so does the cost of fuel.

A 2015 Camry diesel car costs $3,500 (about $2,600), while a diesel Toyota Camrys will start at $6,500.

As a consequence, you’ll need a bit more money to get from A to B in the U.S. than you would for an FWD car.

Here’s the breakdown:The Honda Civic: $3.5 millionIn the US, you can buy a Honda car for $3 million.

That’s about $3K more than a Camry.

It’s worth noting that Honda’s Civic has a larger range than the Toyota Camroids, so it’s not the only option for those who need to go the FWD route.

As for fuel, the Honda Civic costs $2.4 million, while a Camrys starts at $2 million.

The price is higher than for a Camro, but not by much.

The Toyota Camros have the option of a manual transmission.

The Toyota Camrros: $1.4MIn the United Kingdom, you don’t need to pay much for a car.

In fact, if you have a car that’s worth more than £250,000 ($340,000), you can pay just £1,000 more per year than if you bought it as a plug-in hybrid.

The £1k premium is for the fact you’ll pay for the hybrid fuel cell (hence the £1.5k difference).

This is the difference between the price for a diesel Civic and the price you’d pay for a plug in hybrid.

(Click to enlarge)This is how the price difference for the Honda and Toyota Camrs stacks up.

The Chevrolet Volt: $4.3 millionThe Chevrolet Bolt: $5.2 millionThe Mitsubishi Outlander: $6.5millionThe Nissan Leaf: $7.5mThe Honda Fit: $8.7 millionFor the sake of comparison, a Nissan Leaf starts at £25,000, while the Mitsubishis start at £21,000 (though the Leaf starts from £17,000 and the Fit starts from a bit lower).

If you’re interested in getting a Honda or Toyota car for less, you should definitely look at a hybrid.

Here’s how much you’ll save by buying a hybrid from a Japanese car maker.

You can get a Nissan e-Golf hybrid at £23,000 in Japan, for example.

You can also buy a Toyota RAV4 hybrid at $17,500 ($26,500).

For comparison, an electric car starts at about $40,000 when it’s sold in the UK, and $40K ($45K) in the States.

For a full list of plug-ins, check out our feature article, What are the best hybrid and electric cars?