New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has unveiled a new service that aims to alleviate congestion and pollution in the city by taking a variety of modes of transportation to their destinations.

According to the MTA, the Warren Transportation System will take passengers on a variety, mostly inter-city, routes, providing riders with an alternative to driving.

This means passengers can get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and it also means that it reduces the need to rely on a car for the bulk of trips, since passengers will be able to get where they need to go as efficiently as possible.

The service is scheduled to launch in 2021, with the first trains running by 2025.

The new service will be a partnership between the MTA and its transit partner, the Department of Transportation (DOT), which will provide riders with access to buses, subway and light rail, as well as express bus services and subway cars.

The Warren will be operated by a subsidiary of the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (NYCTLC), which has been running a fleet of vehicles that operate mostly in New York, according to a release from the MTA.

The MTA will use this new fleet to ferry passengers between its terminals and train stations, as the Warran will be completely automated and will operate on the same schedule and at the same speeds as the fleet currently does.

The MTA will have its own fleet of buses and other vehicles available to operate under the Warrren Transportation system, as part of a pilot program that will allow riders to use the vehicles when they want to.

These vehicles will be available to the public beginning in 2019, and will be provided with free on-board internet, Wi-Fi, and a dedicated computer.

The new Warren Transport will be powered by the MTA’s existing fleet of electric buses and vans, and is expected to cost between $3.5 million and $4.7 million per year, depending on the number of passengers and the number to be taken on.

The New York Transit Museum is expected in 2020 to be one of the first stations to be used as part the Warraven Transportation System, with an open public display to be built on the platform.

This new service comes just a few weeks after the MTA unveiled a bus that will be capable of taking people between New York and Washington, DC.

The service, called the “Metrobus,” will be the first of its kind, and the MTA will be operating it from the New Jersey Transit terminal.

The Metrobus will be fully automated and operate at the normal speed, as it will have no driver and will have a fully automated route.

The Metrobus is expected be ready for service in 2021.

This is just the latest in a series of new service announcements from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

Earlier this year, the agency announced that it will be replacing the subway and the elevated train lines with bus rapid transit (BRT) in 2018, a move that will dramatically increase the efficiency of the transit system.

In November, the MTA announced it was planning to begin running buses to serve low-income households, with a full service to be available by 2025, with additional service to the suburbs by 2025 as well.

The agency also announced plans to expand its light rail network by 10,000 miles by 2025 with new stations to serve New York suburbs.