Transport and logistics companies are responsible for providing the bulk of the logistics and logistical support for Imperial forces.

These companies are the largest in the country and have a significant role in transporting goods and supplies around the country, often to remote outposts and remote installations.

However, the companies are not the only ones responsible for logistics in the field.

A variety of private and public sector companies also provide logistics support.

What are the requirements for the active and inactive transport?

The active transport must be of the type that can be used to transport a unit of troops to a remote outpost or installation.

This means that it can be equipped with a radio to communicate with other logistics and logistics support units and can be deployed in a fleet, as long as it is properly registered with the Transport Company, and is able to be moved.

It is also necessary to be registered with Transport Companies for it to be able to transport vehicles, materials and equipment.

It has to be equipped for transporting supplies and it must be able transport at least 20 troops.

It should also be able take up to 20 vehicles, and be able deliver supplies to the outposts it is deployed to.

The inactive transport is also not required to be of this type.

It can be a regular troop transport and may be used for the transport of up to 2 troops per vehicle.

This is for example, the “Abandoned” transport can be transported in an armored troop transport with no troops on board.

In the event that there are no troops onboard, the inactive transport can carry a crew of 5 people.

The active vehicle is the vehicle that is used to move the troops, it must not have any troops onboard.

How does the active logistics transport differ from the inactive?

The main difference is the logistics support that the logistics company can provide.

An active logistics company must have the required licence to operate.

The company must also have the necessary training and certification in order to operate as a logistics support company.

What does the difference between an active logistics support and a retired logistics company mean?

A retired logistics provider is a company that has been operating in the UK for a number of years and is not considered to be retired.

This company has been providing logistics support for a longer period than an active company, and will continue to do so until they are officially decommissioned.

An inactive logistics company is a smaller company that is not recognised as retired.

The former will continue doing its job for a period of time before being formally decommissionED and will then be decommissionEd.

What is a decommissioning operation?

This is a formal process whereby the Ministry of Defence decommissiones its logistics support functions.

An operation is not a formal decommissionment, however.

A decommissionation operation does not involve the Ministry or the Royal Navy in any way.

The decommission is the process of releasing the decommissionable assets from service and the disposal of their associated equipment, including vehicles and equipment, and materials.

This process is undertaken by the UK’s Defence Industry Strategy (DISA), a strategic planning body.

What if I am not sure what type of logistics support I need?

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What happens after a decomission?

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What to do if I need assistance in deciding if I have a logistics service company?

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