Transportation and travel experts say New Yorkers who don’t use the city’s commuter rail system are being overcharged for their transportation costs.

Transportation experts say people should be able to keep paying for their travel, but they’re not doing that with the federal government.

Transportation advocates say New York has the highest per capita ridership of any major U.S. city.

“We need to move in the direction where New Yorkers are able to pay for their transport, whether it’s through taxes or through their income taxes,” said Bill White, a transportation expert at the Center for American Progress.

The transportation experts say there’s little reason for New York to keep charging people extra for their trips.

The state is one of only a handful of states that doesn’t charge for its commuter rail service.

The rest of the country charges a flat fee for trips.

But White said that shouldn’t be the case.

“The question is why is that?”

White said.

“Why do you have a flat fare?”

New York State’s Transportation Department says New York is the only state that doesn.

The average cost of a New York City ride is about $3,000 per person.

“It’s ridiculous that you have to pay a $3 billion per year transit tax just to keep the lights on,” White said, noting that New Yorkers already pay about $2,500 per year for their public transportation.

“That’s a lot of money.

And yet people aren’t going to go to New York.

So we’re really hurting.”

White said people shouldn’t have to use the subway to get to work.

New York’s public transportation system has been improving since Cuomo took office in 2011, and ridership has increased.

“What New Yorkers have said is that they’re just happy that they can use public transportation for a good commute, because that’s what they do,” White explained.

But there are other benefits to keeping people comfortable.

The MTA says ridership is up slightly compared to last year, and the agency says it’s been improving safety and reliability of the service.

“You don’t have that big spike in ridership because we’re doing a lot more,” MTA spokesperson Katie Fiegen said.

But the MTA says that it has not found a reason to lower fares.

White says New Yorkers can’t afford to lose the train system, because the state is paying for it.

“People are losing money for the same reason that people are losing dollars on the subway,” White says.

White has said the MTA should charge people to ride on its commuter trains.

Transportation and transportation experts said the state shouldn’t charge commuters to use public transit because the cost of the train network is so high.

New Yorkers use more public transportation than any other U.s. state, according to the Department of Transportation.

That’s because it costs about $1,000 more per person per year to ride a subway or bus.

“This is really a political issue, and it’s one that we’re having to talk about for quite some time,” White told the news outlet.

The Transportation Department said it plans to issue a report to the governor on the matter this week.