The pet transport industry is hoping to expand the reach of its operations in metro Detroit.

PetTrip Detroit LLC announced Tuesday that it will open a new pet transportation center in Detroit.

The center, which is expected to open in 2017, will be based at the Michigan Humane Society in downtown Detroit.

The pet transportation industry already operates in Detroit and is expanding its footprint in the city.

The pet transport company, which also operates a pet boarding facility, has seen an uptick in new customers in the past two years.

The growth has been driven by an influx of customers, including new businesses like pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and the entertainment industry.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said the move is about “saving lives.”

The new center will allow the company to expand its reach in Detroit, where it has struggled to attract customers.

The Detroit Humane Society will provide the facility with an additional 400 beds, the company said.

PetTrak Detroit LLC, based in New Orleans, was formed by PetTrip and American Pet Products in 2010.

The company has more than 400 pet transport locations in the United States and abroad.