Transportation planners often want to know if drivers should use the public transit system at all.

For that, they need to know what is the safest way to travel, according to research by the University of California at Berkeley.

The UC Berkeley Transportation Research Institute (TRI) has released the second part of a new study that shows how to identify the safest ways to travel on public transit.

In a report released today, the research team identified a number of strategies for avoiding collisions.

In addition, they suggest that the public transportation system is the best place to travel in urban areas.

Transportation planners typically want to use the transit system when they are traveling by car.

For example, if you are traveling to a job or meeting, or are on an errand or other errand, or have a family emergency, a public transit car is a better choice than a carpool or a public bus.

Public transit can also be used when it is unsafe to travel by car, such as when a car is blocking traffic or there is a heavy traffic jam.

The researchers also found that the safest routes are the ones that allow people to move slowly, without a lot of traffic, and without too many cars on the road.

The most common way to go through a city is by public transit, but it is also possible to travel to other parts of the city by car or on foot, or by walking.

The report states that the best way to avoid collision is to use public transit safely.

A lot of people think they can use public transportation safely because they can just take a subway or carpool.

That is not the case, according the report.

If you are riding in the car, there are some things you should do to make sure that you don’t hit another car or pedestrian.

For instance, look for the red and white lines on the signs that are on the sidewalk to be red and then follow the green line, according for example.

There are also certain signals you should follow, such a green and a yellow.

There is also a yellow light at the intersection.

These signals indicate the car is coming up and you can turn left or right.

The best way for you to avoid collisions is to be cautious when traveling by public transportation.

The safest way for a person to travel with a partner is to ride in a car.

It is much safer for a car to pass a person in a bicycle or on a skateboard, according, according.

The research team said that there are a number factors that affect the safety of public transit in urban settings.

For one, the urban environment is very different from the rural environment, so people tend to take more precautions to avoid a collision.

There also are many other factors that make urban public transportation a more safe option.

According to the report, when it comes to safety, the most important factor is that people should be respectful of other people.

If a person is in a crowded space, people should take extra care to make their movements safe.

If there are no other vehicles or people on the street, the safest option is to walk.

When you ride public transit the safest part is not just the cars, but also the people.