By ANI An Indian prime minister has said he will follow the example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and be a “strong, active, and efficient” transport policymaker.

The prime minister said that he will not stop at the railways, and that he would like to be able to travel anywhere in the country in his own vehicle and even in the vehicles of the state governments.

He also said that the railways will have the right to set up more terminals to facilitate rail-based services, a move he hopes will increase the country’s reliance on railways.

The government had earlier announced that it will set up an integrated logistics infrastructure, but it had not said how it will use it.

The Modi government has already announced that trains will soon be running on the central rail network from the cities to the state capital.

It also announced that the railway budget would be increased by 40 per cent from Rs 8,000 crore to Rs 15,000.