CTV Calgary CTV Calgary | Calgary, Alberta – The Calgary and Edmonton region has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. 

The number of unemployed is currently at 1.4% with Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver each having a unemployment rate of 1.8%. 

A few key statistics: Calgary’s unemployment rate is now below the national average of 6.6% Edmonds unemployment rate at 2.1% VANCOUVER, British Columbia  VANCOURG (NEWS 1130) (CNSNews.ca)  (CBC News) Vancouver’s unemployment is now down to 5.9% with a number of other cities having a higher unemployment rate than Vancouver.

The jobless rate in Calgary is now at 2%.

Vancouver’s unemployment rates are at 5.5% and 6.1%, with the highest unemployment rate, Victoria, at 4.6%.

The lowest unemployment rates in Vancourg and Victoria are at 4%. 

The median household income in Vancouver is $68,600. 

Calgarians living in Calgary earn a median household salary of $73,400.

In Edmonton, the median household annual income is $72,800.

 In Calgary, the unemployment rate is currently at 5%.

Calgarans are experiencing higher levels of unemployment than in most of Canada, but the numbers are trending downwards. 

A new report shows that Alberta’s unemployment has taken a big hit, as Alberta’s jobless rate dropped to 1.6 per cent in December, down from 3.5 per cent last month. 

In December, Alberta’s employment rate fell to 1,717,100, according to the National Employment and Social Statistics Agency.

Calgarian Jobless Rate Down To 1.5 %  The latest report from the Employment Institute of Canada shows that the number of Alberta’s unemployed fell to 6,973,600, from 7,921,700 in December.

As the Alberta economy continues to recover, the province is expected to recover its unemployment rate to 1 per cent, down slightly from the December average of 1,867,800, according to the Employment Policy Institute. 

But a number of areas are expected to remain unemployed.

“The provincial jobless jobless data is not as bad as it could be, given the job growth,” said Michael Gartland, an economist at the Employment Policies Institute.

“I think it will likely be in the 2-3 per cent range.”

According to Statistics Canada, Calgary’s joblessness rate was 2.2% in December while Victoria’s was 1.9%. 

According to the Alberta Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Alberta unemployment rate for December was 1,924,700, down 1,067,300 from December 2015. 

However, Alberta was the province with the lowest jobless rates, at 1,863,200, while Vacaville had the highest at 2,006,300. 

 In Vaccaville, Calgarians were the second most unemployed in the province, at 2%, down from 4.3% last month, according the BC Department of Finance. 

Other regions with higher unemployment rates: Vaughan (7.6%), Victoria (8.3%), Vegas (6.1%), Ontario (5.5%) (Reuters) Cali (4.6%) and B.C. (3.7%) were all in the top three most unemployed regions. According to the BC Department Of Economic Development And Trade, Vic is the only region where joblessness has not declined. 

This is due to a strong economic recovery, which is creating new jobs and improving economic conditions in VICTORIA and B.C., the report said. 

“There is no doubt that a strong economy is providing jobs to people and businesses in Albertas and Canada. 

As a result, job creation and job growth have continued to continue,” the government said. But some Calgars are struggling to find a new job.

A recent report from the National Employment Statistics And Employment Research Centre shows that a large portion of people in Alberta are entitled to an involuntary’ job offer. Albertans are entitled to up to a one-year voluntary offer from employers, but only if they meet certain requirements. 

It also requires a minimum