The NCSU Transportation Chair has been named as Steven J. D’Ambrosio, who has been in charge of the NCSU’s transportation programs since February 2018.

The position was created by Governor John Bel Edwards and is a three-year appointment that is part of a broader effort to strengthen the university’s transportation program and address challenges facing our region.

D’mAmbrosian is expected to serve as the new NCSU transportation chair for a four-year term that begins in September 2019.

The position was announced on Friday by the NCSU Board of Governors, which has been reviewing transportation issues for years.NCSU’s President, Dr. Michael H. Brown, said that D’mambrosio has a deep understanding of NCSU, the state and its transportation issues.

“Steven has spent his entire career at NCSU as an executive, with the highest ranking transportation administrator in the state, and has served as the chief operating officer of NCSUs most recent high-profile transportation project, the Capital Metro Transit project,” Brown said in a statement.

“I am excited to welcome him to the NCSLU to lead our state’s transportation and community transportation programs.”

The role will be in addition to the responsibilities of the chair, who will also report to the president and chair of the Board of Trustees, who are comprised of NCSLS trustees, and the university system as a whole.

The chair will serve as an advisor to the presidents of the boards of trustees, the university and the State University of New York System.

The NCSL is the only state university with a fully-funded transportation program, which is designed to alleviate traffic congestion in the region and to provide the most efficient transportation for students, faculty and staff.