The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) recently released a report on the costs of vehicle transport in the city of Seattle.

The report found that Seattle spends about $3,000 per passenger for each car transported.

That figure includes the costs associated with the vehicle itself, maintenance and insurance.

The Washington Post’s Michael Sacks reported on the findings.

The city spends about half that amount per car on parking and parking fees.

According to WSDOT, about 20 percent of the costs are for vehicle repairs.

WSDOTS report said the average cost of a car in Seattle is $22,000.

That means that for every passenger that makes it to the airport, the city saves $3.33.

But that cost is spread across the entire city, not just downtown.

The $3 million in savings is spread equally among the city and surrounding areas.

Here are some of the findings: The cost of parking is about $1,600 per car, with the average daily cost at $1.50 per day.

That’s a $4.70 savings.

In addition to parking fees, drivers also have to pay to park and use public transit.

The cost to get around is about the same, at $10 per day, or $2 per person per day of vehicle use.

The biggest savings comes in the form of a $3 fee per ride, which covers the cost of the car.

The costs of fuel and maintenance are about $8.50 each per day for the average driver, or about $7 per person.

WMDOT estimates the savings are more than $100 million over 10 years.

That makes the city the largest city in the country to save money on vehicle travel.