In a city with fewer than 5,000 vehicles per capita, drivers often opt to use the vehicles to take the family to a doctor’s appointment, pick up their kids from school, or go shopping.

Mears Transportation, a small, commuter-oriented transportation company based in Milwaukee, says its cars are more than just transportation for people who are not going to be home until late.

It’s also for those who prefer to go the distance and want to do it on their own terms.

“We’re not there to make the commute as enjoyable as possible, but to do so safely,” said company CEO and chief executive officer Jeff Raskin.

Raskin said Mears cars are not a replacement for drivers.

Instead, they are meant to take them where they need to go, Raskins company says.

The company says it is not alone in its use of a car.

Many other companies, including Lyft, Uber and the likes, offer a car service.

Uber and Lyft have had to work with regulators and city governments to be able to offer rides in some cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

While Mears says it offers a fleet of about 20,000 cars, it says it only has about 10 percent of the fleet that Lyft has.

For its part, Mears is not trying to compete with Lyft, but rather to offer a service to the car-buying public.

In Milwaukee, Mews cars have become the primary mode of transportation, according to Raskis.

To ensure that they are safe and reliable, Rookins company has invested heavily in equipment and safety technology, including electronic speed and altitude monitors.

He said the company has added more than 30 sensors to its fleet.

There are no fees to use a Mears vehicle, Rass said.

Drivers can request a free ride, but they are not required to buy a ticket.

If you want to see a car in person, you can book online or call the company’s customer service line.

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