By Chris DennisonUK Airports and airports will be the first to have their own ‘no pay’ operators, with the first British company set to offer services from airfields to terminals.

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) said it would offer services between airports and terminals by using the latest technology and will offer to hire drivers on a no-frill basis for up to five hours per day, which could save a passenger £1.20 per hour on average.

The move, which is being considered by the Department for Transport, follows a government-commissioned review of the transport sector in December 2015.

In total, the Government is investing £1 billion in the UK’s aviation sector, which includes more than 5,000 airports and nearly 1,400 terminal hubs, with over 300 new jobs created since the government announced its £20 billion programme in 2016.

TRL said it will provide a network of no-fancy flights from London’s Heathrow Airport to its Terminal 2 in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast, and will use technology to minimise the number of private hire drivers needed at the airports.

A spokesperson for TRL said: “It is a significant step forward for the UK as we look to develop our own network of low-cost, low-frilling, no-pay services to our passengers.”

TRl said it has signed up more than 600 customers to its new service, which will start in March 2020 and run for four months.

It will offer a range of flights including:Airport: London’s Euston, Gatwick, Birmingham, Birmingham-Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Southampton, Birmingham East, Birmingham West, Leeds, Glasgow and Glasgow-Glasgow, and Newcastle-Cambria.

Tunnel: Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Liverpool.

Ticket office: Birmingham Central.

Airport terminal: Glasgow, London, Birmingham and Newcastle.

Terminal: Liverpool.

Airport ticket office: Liverpool Central.

Terminals: London Heathrow, Gatlingham, Gatwin, Birmingham Terminal, Manchester International, Birmingham Central, Birmingham South, Birmingham North, Liverpool Terminal, Leeds Terminal, Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick.

Tracking: TRL will offer the first flights from a network that covers every major UK airport, including Heathrow and Gatwick.