MESA, Arizona (BUSINESS WIRE)–The MESA Transportation Authority is closing in 2017.MESA Transportation will transition to a new management team beginning with the 2017-18 fiscal year.

The agency will cease operations and will no longer be a partner of the MESA Foundation.

Mesa Transportation will be no longer able to serve as a partner for the MESTA Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that has been supporting MESA transportation projects since 2003.

The MESA Fund is managed by the Arizona Department of Transportation and will continue to serve the needs of MESA’s residents and visitors.MESTA and the Mesa Transportation Authority will work together to improve and extend MESA and the Valley’s transportation system.

Mesota Transportation will continue operations through Jan. 1, 2018.MEG Transit, Inc. will remain as a part of MESTAs operations, including managing the MEG bus service and the new MESA Transit hub.

The MESTM, Inc., parent company of MEG Transit and the Mesa Transportation Authority, will remain responsible for providing all public safety and transportation related services and services for the Mesa Valley, including all MESA public transit services and the transportation layer.

The Mesa Transportation Board will meet in early January 2018 to determine the new management for the Valley Transportation Authority.