Transport for London, the transport authority, has revealed a new way of tracking journeys on Google Maps, including using the company’s new service Transit.

The service, called Transit, lets users take a trip through London using Google Maps and then upload a map to Transit’s website.

This way, users can get an idea of how long they have left for the journey, and they can see the time and distance between stops.

It also lets users track the route through the city centre, for example.

Google Maps has been around for years, but Transit was announced as part of a Google-backed partnership with the transport agency in August.

The integration comes as Google is looking to get a foot in the market with new services.

The company has previously launched an API for other transportation apps, such as the US-based Google Maps Mobile, which will let you access transit data from your smartphone.

Transit’s integration with Google has been announced as the “next step in Google’s strategy for driving more connected cities”, the Transport for England said in a blog post on Monday.

“Google Maps will make it easier for people to access transit information, and help make cities more accessible to all,” it said.

Google’s move to integrate Transit comes as the search giant is expanding its services, including the integration of its Transit Tracker service.

Google says Transit will also provide more information about its transit services, such the route that a user is taking and other relevant information.

Transport for the Greater London Authority said in an official blog post that Transit is available on Android and iOS and will be available to users “in the near future”.