On Wednesday, the Mesillas Valley Transportation Corporation filed for bankruptcy.

According to a press release, the company has been bankrupt since May of this year, and is currently seeking to pay creditors.

The Mesillas is one of a handful of transportation companies in Texas that have gone bankrupt over the last year, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The company was founded in 2007, and has operated in several states.

In 2018, the Houston Metropolitan Area Transit Authority awarded the company a $25 million contract for a new line to connect the Mesina Valley and Houston with the Texas Gulf Coast.

The line will be built by the Houston-based Metro-Texas, a consortium that includes TxDOT, the city of Houston and the Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority.

In November, Metro-Texan announced it was partnering with the Mesias Valley Transportation to build the new line, which will run between Mesilla, the town of Mesilla and Katy.

According the Houston Independent Journal, the project is estimated to cost $50 million.