TALONG, Philippines — The world’s most populous country may have one of the deadliest air pollution crises on record, but the air quality has improved in recent years, according to the National Environmental Science Foundation.

It is a testament to the nation’s efforts to reduce pollution and protect its environment.

A new national program, the TALON program, aims to reduce air pollution by up to 10 percent in 20 cities by 2020.

TALONS aims to help reduce pollution by about 10 percent by 2030, it said.

The initiative is a partnership between the government and private sector.

In the first phase, a team of scientists will monitor air quality around the country to determine which cities should be designated TALONE cities.

The cities will be chosen based on factors including pollution levels and air quality.

TOLO, a nonprofit organization working to reduce traffic fatalities and air pollution, has worked with TALO to identify which cities will qualify for TALONDAY.

It will then develop an evaluation plan to evaluate the program’s effectiveness.

For the second phase, the program will also develop a pilot program to evaluate whether TALONTOS cities are safe.

TAPA, the transportation and logistics management company, will be selected to provide TALOS cities with transportation, logistics and maintenance services.

The transportation and maintenance companies will provide transportation and other related services to TALOLO cities.

“The TALOX program will help us achieve our objectives of reducing air pollution and improving traffic safety,” TAPO President David DeLaurenti said in a statement.

The TALOFF program is another initiative that aims to improve air quality in TALOO, the Philippines’ most populous city.

In TALOU, the pollution is a result of burning coal, which is more polluting than petroleum.

The pollution can cause health problems, including heart disease and lung disease, as well as birth defects.

Taloo, the biggest city in the province of Bicol, has an air quality index of 1,000.

It has reduced pollution by a quarter since 2013, when it was designated TOLON.

Talsong is also a TALOY city, but is less polluted.

The city’s air quality is about 1,300, and is the worst in the country, according the World Health Organization.

Talaoy has an index of about 800.