Transport for NSW says it can now show how people in Sydney and the suburbs might be driving in cars, with a new interactive tool.

The interactive map is part of Transport for Sydney’s new Transport Week initiative, which is targeting people to share photos of their journeys using the new platform.

The tool can be used on-demand, on a mobile device or online.

“It gives you a sense of what you’re actually driving, what your route looks like, what vehicles you’re using,” said Transport for New South Wales spokesperson Alex Rippon.

The tool was designed to help people better understand their commute.

“If you’re driving, it’s a lot easier to understand how the journey is going to be.

And you can actually look at that journey and see what the drivers are using to get to their destination, what they’re using to make it,” he said.

The first phase of the Transport Week project involves a survey on a wide range of issues including traffic, road safety, emissions, urban congestion, air quality and air quality standards.

It’s designed to get people involved in the debate about air quality, which has been linked to increased pollution and health risks for residents and the environment.

“We want people to be thinking about their own journeys and they want to know what they are doing in the environment,” Mr Rippo said.