In the middle of a long day of protests, the fans of Melbourne’s KLLm transport company took to the streets of Melbourne to express their discontent over the way they are being treated.

The Melbourne City Council voted in September to suspend the company’s license after a number of employees refused to work overtime.

But the protest movement has not stopped, with the AFLPA now launching a petition calling for the suspension to be lifted.

In a statement on the petition, the AFLPPA said the suspension was unjustified and there was a “troubling lack of transparency” about the reason for the decision.

“It is time the City Council lifted the suspension immediately and allowed KLLMs workers to return to work,” the statement said.

At the time, the city council was considering the application to the Federal Court of Australia for an injunction to stop KLL drivers from working overtime.

But it is understood that the company is still in negotiations with the City of Melbourne about its application.

However, the union has not ruled out an appeal against the decision, with a spokesperson saying it was “too early” to say whether it would pursue the matter.

More to come.