UNITED STATES and CANADA have reached an agreement to jointly fund a massive COIDS-19 cleanup operation.

The two nations will each contribute $1.5 billion, while Canada will contribute $750 million.

The deal, reached in a meeting in Washington on Monday, also allows the United States to take back more than 1,000 acres of US land that was set aside for the COIDS project.

The COVID response, which began in March, will involve the release of nearly 7 million tonnes of the toxic substance, and will also involve an aerial survey of a swath of US-Canadian territory stretching across the Great Lakes region.US President Donald Trump has criticised the agreement as a waste of time, and has threatened to pull out of the pact if Canada does not agree to more funding.

In a statement, the White House said: “President Trump is deeply concerned that Canada is not investing enough in its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The President has been clear about the need to accelerate the COVID effort.

We believe that Canada should be fully contributing to the $1 billion fund to help with the clean-ups and the recovery efforts.”

The White House did not specify the amount of funding the United Nations is providing to help countries with the COV-19 response.

A separate deal between Canada and Australia also included a pledge to contribute $2.5 million towards the COHAD recovery efforts, which has been delayed because of the outbreak in the US.

Australia and Canada will each receive $1 million from the US in the form of a contribution to the COBRA Fund, which will be used to assist countries hit by the pandemic in the region.

The agreement was reached at the United Nation’s COVID summit in New York, which took place after Trump’s first-term administration ended.

In February, President Donald J Trump signed an executive order calling for an increase in funding for the USCOVID response.